Attention all thrill seekers! Art Aficionado Tours will be hosting an annual FREE Moreart Tour on Saturday November 12th from 10.30am. Moreart is the annual exhibition of ephemeral public art and this walking/train tour will take in a number of dynamic works along the Upfield Line from 10.30am to 1pm. Recommendations for fantastic eateries along Sydney Road included. For bookings, email jane@artaficionadotours.com

Also, if you like cycling, Art Aficionado will be hosting a number of FREE cycling tours of Moreart in collaboration with The Squeaky Wheel. For further information go to: thesqueakywheel.com.au

Art Aficionado is a Melbourne-based team of dedicated contemporary art curators.

We are committed to the promotion of Australian and International contemporary art projects through art tours, public talks, collection management and written essays.

If you would like an introduction to Australia’s vibrant art scene, we can offer an inspiring experience.

Whether you would like to explore Melbourne’s maze of galleries on a walking tour, or acquire a unique work by an emerging artist,
we can tailor an experience that is unique to your personal preferences.

Comfortable footwear recommended

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